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James T. Heimbach, Ph.D., F.A.C.N., the president of JHeimbach LLC, can help you with a wide range of scientific and regulatory issues involving FDA, USDA, and FTC.

Based in Port Royal, Virginia, Jim Heimbach brings to solving your problems 10 years of FDA experience, 4 years with USDA, and more than 17 years of consulting on scientific issues regarding regulation of foods and food ingredients, dietary supplements, food packaging materials, and structure/function claims in labeling and in advertising. He has conducted GRAS determinations for more than a hundred substances added to foods.

JHeimbach has prepared GRAS determinations for such specialized substances as ingredients for use in infant formulas, novel probiotics, and products of biotechnoloy. JHeimbach's clients include both American and international food and food ingredient manufacturers, trade associations, and law firms.

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