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Short Bio
Short Bio

Dr. Heimbach is president of JHeimbach LLC food and nutrition consulting. He has national and international experience with a broad range of issues regarding food and nutrition policy; review of beneficial effects of foods, food ingredients, and dietary supplements; assessment of dietary intakes of nutrients, food additives, and contaminants; food regulation; and evaluation of the safety of new food and dietary-supplement ingredients. Dr. Heimbach has prepared GRAS determinations for more than one hundred substances added to infant formulas, medical foods, foods for special dietary use, and conventional foods, as well as New Dietary Ingredient notifications.

Dr. Heimbach was formerly the Chief Operating Officer of Technical Assessment Systems and a Principal of Environ International Corporation, following public service at the Food and Drug Administration and as Associate Administrator and Acting Administrator of the Human Nutrition Information Service of the U.S. Department of Agriculture. He is a Fellow of the American College of Nutrition; a member of the American Society for Nutrition Sciences; a member of the Foods/Dietary Supplement Oversight Committee of the Food and Drug Law Institute; and a professional member, past division chair, section chair, and councilor of the Institute of Food Technologists.

He has served as an adjunct professor at George Washington University and on Boards of Visitors at George Washington University and the University of Maryland, as well as on numerous national scientific and nutrition policy boards and advisory committees and as a member of the U.S. delegation to several committees of Codex Alimentarius. Dr. Heimbach has participated in many GRAS expert panels and similar safety reviews. He is a frequent public speaker on food and dietary-supplement issues, has published many scientific articles, and has testified before Congress on numerous occasions. He is a consultant to the National Academy of Sciences, working most recently with the Committee on Nutrient Relationships in Seafood: Selections to Balance Benefits and Risks.


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